Laying on of Hands for Spiritual Gifts and Church Unity

Nov 11, 2019

When we walk out the truth, God will bless us accordingly.  By this past September, through ordaining elders and deacons, we acknowledge how God set up the leadership and administration orderly in place of God’s family.  We also learn to submit to one another and to work together as body of Christ. 

Laying on of hands is not supernatural/special experience, but it is a symbolism, testifying openly of this unity, just as baptism testifying the union with God.  God gives us spiritual gifts according to His kind intention for each one of us.  And we acquire spiritual gifts for the good of the church. The greatest gift is love. We should pursue love and desire to be a minister of love. To serve God is our love response to God.

按手求恩賜 全教會團聚


按手並非是特殊/超凡經歷,乃是「合一」的象徵,正如受浸表明與主聯合。神按祂的美意將恩賜分給各人;我們所得的恩賜是為服侍這家。爱是最大的恩賜, 願我們追求愛,切望成為愛的使者。我們事奉神,正是向祂愛的回應。

Elders and deacons sharing on their past two months of improvements

Hong: I promised the Lord that I would be willing to attempt new things and take up challenges for Him.  He is faithful. It hasn’t been as difficult as I thought when I’m willing to try. Through practicing more, I realized that I have been gradually improving.  I treasure God’s faithfulness. He knows my needs and desires me to improve. After I was ordained, I realized that I should have nothing to fear when I have the Lord.  What he has given me exceeds my expectations.

Ida: I feel different in my spirit now.  I’m no longer timid, but rather more mindful and loving.  I stand out more nowadays and am willing to do more because my thinking patterns are different from that of the past.  Besides the Lord, I now have no other desire and I want to offer this family to Him.  

My goal is very clear; nothing can distract me from His will.  I desire to have greater breakthroughs, and have the Lord use me greatly.  Therefore, I must put off things that would hinder me. When I have this mindset, I’d have more adjustments in my daily life.  I feel that I have improved much in these couple months, and I hope the Lord continues to use me.

Adeline: I truly have breakthroughs: I became more couragous and speak up more.  I also communicate more and discuss matters with coworkers.

Leanne: I really felt the Lord’s blessings in the past couple months.  I stand firmer in my position and have overcome my boundaries. The Lord encouraged me to overcome fears to do things that I’d used to be scared or reluctant to do.  I realized that it’s not as bad as I initially thought when I’m willing to get through it. I see that when I do what I’m supposed to do, the Lord will bless me and use me to bless others.  I give thanks to God for His support and encouragement, so I may continue to go forth, to increase in depth and details.

Tuhien: I can testify that the elders and deacons have improved continueously after being ordained.  I really felt God’s presence during meetings in these couple months. He helps me to be more clear on how to pursue and to love this family more.  I feel the unity of this family more—I could hear and feel this whenever I arrived to meetings. I’m full of hope, not just for one, but for everyone.  Thank you, Lord, for expanding my territories, so that I may love each one of you.

Anissa: I experienced the Lord’s help to improve spiritually in these couple months.  I am more courageous for the Lord to leave my comfort zone and limitation from reactions in the flesh.  I desire to offer myself more to love God and His family.

Louisa: In these couple months, I really feel that the elders and deacons are united as one whether in their goals, spirits, pursuits, and directions.  Personally, I’ve become more mindful, starting with being a good role model for my children, then for brothers and sisters. I need to pursue more diligently, have the right direction, and be same mind with the church in order to help borthers and sisters to have the same direction.

Alison: I feel like I have been on a mission for the past couple months.  I love God’s family more, because this is my family! Also, I become more brave to go further and willing to try new things for Him.  In my heart, I want to run faster and do more for the Lord, and to be more attentive and serve this family more.

Sharon: what I desire most is to further increase my capacity, so I may take on more.  Recently, I really want the Lord to expand my boundaries to challenge my weaknesses. When we sang Psalm 133 earlier, my heart desired to knit closer with brothers and sisters, so my heart may be  immersed in this family and to love more.

Allan: I am more willing to learn and bear more.  I used to have fears to leave my comfort zone, but I’m willing to do so, to allow the Lord to teach and help me.  I help myself to live in the truth, to conquer past wrong concepts and feelings of the flesh, such as fear of others’ impressions on me. I truly experienced the Lord’s help in these areas.  We all need to be courageously break through and step forward for the Lord. We will experience help from Him who is faithful. May we all grow together.

Gowyn: I feel more free and desire to be more involved and love this family more in these couple months.  Now I can initiate conversations with brothers and sisters more, even talk briefly or joke with those whom I am unfamiliar with.  I desire to have more breakthroughs to immerse in brothers and sister more, to experience more of this family and to help one another.

Sun: In these couple months, I feel as if I newly got married or had a son.  I recalled my great feelings after the wedding, because I have gained someone and started a family.  After my child was born, I felt that this family had one more member. I’m still happy despite having more burdens.  

I also feel closer to brothers and sisters, especially in the time when we go before the Lord to worship Him together and during meetings.  I always claim that brothers and sisters’ prayers are my prayers, likewise, the songs they pick are also the ones I want to choose. I treasure how this family can bear more together and have God’s blessings among us.  I hope this family may continue to be more prosperous.

Jason: I treasure that the Lord continues to help me to grow and change.  I desire to do great things for the Lord and to understand my role since being ordained as an elder.  I hope to do great things both in Vancouver and over the world. I continue to help myself to improve and break through more.  I take more initiative instead of waiting for others to arrange. I would inquire before the Lord and realize what He wants the church, brothers and sisters, or me to do, and to initiate to pray and cooperate with God.  I really treasure to serve together with this group of elders and deacons. This is truly beautiful!



Ida 玉清


Adeline 阿珊



Anissa 桂娥


Allison 嘉敏

Sharon Tong 柳迎

Allan 卓政倫
自己願意學習承擔更多,會有些懼怕要離開自己的安舒區,但我願意去做,求主幫我、教我。我讓自己活在真理中,對抗過往錯誤的觀念或肉體的感覺,例如: 害怕、別人怎樣看等等,很真實經歷主的幫助。我們每個都要勇敢為主有突破,踏出一步,是會經歷主的幫助,祂是信實的,願我們一同成長。

Gowyn 羅國榮

Sun 載峯


Jason 堅信