Africa and India missions team sharing

11/11/2019 – Whole Church meeting

Violin: I felt the Lord’s passion as I considered the situation in South India while drawing near to God one morning. The brothers there are already all full-time ministers, even they do not have a deep understanding of the truths yet.  But the Lord had already prepared all things for us. We were able to meet with them at the right time and help them. This quickened the ministry and caused it to prosper. I experienced His care for this movement.

Alison: I realized the importance of speaking up when I was in Zambia. I had to speak up whether I was in fellowship, worship, preaching the gospel, caring for others, or in cell groups, so the gift of speech is very important.  I felt God used me greatly in this area during this trip, and I improved.

Stanley: I had a special experience during this trip to Zambia.  Besides witnessing God’s works, I was also more involved this time compared to my previous trips here. I felt that I did more for the Lord, especially when Thomas and I were by ourselves after the other team members left.

Before I went to Zambia, the training in South Africa really helped me to be more involved in God’s work. I leveled up in areas such as leading a team and cell group, sharing messages, helping people be clear about their salvation, cooking, and dishwashing. This expanded my ability to take on hands-on work. I experienced the Lord’s guidance and teaching, as well as His timely words.  I enjoyed living before the Lord throughout the day and involving myself in His will, and I felt that I have improved.  

Thomas: What I’ve learned in Vancouver has been very important, especially how to pray, worship, focus on God, and respond to Him with my heart. In Zambia, I shared with Christians from other meeting places. They usually prayed with traditional, pre-set prayers. I shared with them how to look at the Lord when praying and to respond to Him from the heart. They all felt it was helpful and they experienced Him more.

Mark: There were four of us in the team that went to Madagascar.  Initially, I felt really good because my team members happened to be Violin, Doris, and Enoch Tam. I felt that all of them have more experience and love God more than me, and they frequently travel to different places for Him. However, during one worship, I realized the Lord’s personal love to me. I came to realize that my experience with Him isn’t any less significant than theirs, and that I’m just as important to God as they are.  With this attitude, I took more initiative to help pack items and cook. I decided to no longer treat myself as a passive audience member. Instead, I started preparing my own sharings so I could involve myself and be in better condition.  

I was also quite involved when I was with the younger local brothers. Despite our language barriers, I would tap on their shoulders whenever I saw them. One particular brother was always affectionate whenever I saw him, which deeply moved me as it showed that love knows no boundaries. This further confirmed to me that the Lord will use me greatly. I used to feel lonely when I went on mission trips with my wife Alison. But even now when I’m apart from her, I feel I’ve risen up more and become more independent. I’m glad that I was even helpful to Violin.

Echo: I went to South Africa for two weeks. Although I wasn’t there for very long, I felt that I had breakthroughs. I laid aside what I had in Vancouver and practiced going before the Lord during meetings. This helped me to feel more set free and enjoy Him more, as I helped myself go before Him and ward off distractions. I hope to use what I’ve learned to help myself enjoy the meetings more after returning to Vancouver. I want to rise up more for Him and to help brothers and sisters.

Joe: I didn’t have much expectations before I went on this mission trip. I was surprised that brothers from South India wrote a letter to Brother Fish in Hong Kong. I experienced the Lord’s care even before I left for the trip when He reminded me that I had applied for the visa to India on the wrong website. God really blessed this trip, which involved cross-cultural ministry. 

India has its own spiritual traditions. We met a brother and his family in South India. They have a family fellowship every morning. The eight children get up at six, and their mother prays with each of them before she returns to sleep. They have both personal and family fellowships, but these fellowships were done in neither the best way nor the Biblical way. This time when we had fellowship with them and helped them personally, they improved quickly. We shared with them how to enjoy eternal life and God’s commission. They all responded positively and found it easy to understand and practice. They could already experience God in such a short time. What the Lord gave us during the second journey in Vancouver is effective in helping people experience God. We can use this to help and teach many to experience God wherever we go.

非洲及印度團隊的點滴分享 – 全教會團聚






往馬島的團隊有四人,最初自己有些感受,因他們都是有經驗,又愛主,常為主走動的Violin, Doris, Enoch Tam 。然而,在一次敬拜中,感受主對自己也有很個人的愛,自己與主的經歷不會比他們差,在這樣的心態中,使我更加主動,幫忙執拾物資、煮飯,在聚會中不只是聽信息,也預備自己的分享,使自己更在狀態。

與弟弟一起時,我也很投入,雖然語言溝通上有困難,但見面時會搭他們的肩膊。其中沒與一個弟弟交談過,可是每次見面他都是深情款款的,自己很感動和深刻,「愛」真能突破一切界限,更肯定主很願意使用自己。以前幾次跟着太太Alison出團隊走動,像「搭單」心態,現在沒有了她的影子,我更起來、更獨立。我很開心Violin 也覺得我幫助到她。




在出發前,我沒有什么想望,但很詫異南印度教會的弟兄去年寫信給香港的余弟兄。 未出發前已經歷主的看顧,提醒去了錯的網站申請印度Visa。這次行程是越文化事奉,主很大祝福。

印度有當地屬靈傳統,我們接觸一個南印弟兄和他的家庭,他們每早有家庭聚會,家中八個子女都要六時起床,媽媽逐一為他們禱告後才繼續睡。他們有個人、家庭、聚會的傳統,卻不是最好的方法或是聖經方法。 今次與他們一起聚會及埋身幫助,他們進步很快。我們向他們分享怎樣享受永生和主的託付,他們的反應很正面,覺得容易明白和實行。在短時間內,他們已可以經歷到主。 主給我們溫哥華第二程所學到的,是很有效的方法,無論往哪裡去都可以用來教導人,幫助人一起經歷神。