Our History

In 1968, a small village in Sha Tin, Hong Kong, began the history of building a church that is after the Lord.


Brother Yu called to God’s ministry

Brother Daniel Yu received God’s calling when he was drawing near to God. He was determined to leave his stable job as a nurse and preach His words.

God has commissioned him to glorify Him, revive the church, bring many to Christ, and take the path of suffering.


We Began in Shatin

In 1968, the Lord revealed to Daniel His purpose, letting him see the preciousness of the church in God’s heart from creation to eternity. This vision he can never forget. Soon afterwards, he started the church after God’s heart in a small village in Shatin, Hong Kong. Thus a revival and restoration movement began!


The Work in Jordan Valley

In 1970, Daniel and a group of brothers and sisters started the work in Jordan Valley, Kowloon. They had meetings on the rooftop of a residential building. In just nine months, they gathered 40 believers.


The Work in Lam Tin

Then, the work in Lam Tin began with preaching the gospel to students in an elementary school. There they experienced tremendous joy of bringing many students to Christ.

Later on, Daniel was clear about the truth that sisters should be allowed to voice out in break-bread meetings. Consequently, he was not able to continue to serve in that elementary school. So, he had meetings in a wooden hut on a mountain in Lam Tin.

Modest was the resources, yet great was God’s presence, which attracted brothers and sisters to attend meetings consistently. The Lord continued to add numbers to the church.


The Work in Tai Wo Hau (Revival Among Students)

After a prayer meeting under the wind and rain, the Lord led Daniel to start the work in Tsuen Wan, beginning a new stage for the church.

We rented an elementary school (situated on a rooftop) for meetings and preached to many children. In 1976, God opened an effective gospel door. Over 200 students accepted the Lord, and later on it spread to other campuses. Thus a revival was brought forth among high school students.


The Work in Kwai Hing (Revival Among Factory Workers)

The Lord used the brothers who taught in an evening school to bring forth a revival among the factory workers. In two years, the number of believers increased from 20 to 200. They loved one another, desired to draw near to God, and were glad to diligently work for the church. Later, they set foot on different parts of the world to build the church in different countries.


Practice of “One City One Church”

In 1980, we rented a meeting place in Kwai Fong and practiced the truth of “one city one church”. The prayer meetings were filled with God’s presence; the whole meeting place was often crowded with brothers and sisters who did not want to leave. Due to the great number of brothers and sisters, we had to arrange two sessions for Sunday meetings.

In the sports field nearby, many brothers and sisters gathered together in small groups to draw near to God. Many received to the Lord and we experienced a great revival—300 converted in two weeks. However, as revival came, so came the waves of slandering.


First Step to Overseas

Macau was the first city we set foot on as we began to preach to overseas countries. We were so poor that we could not even afford any proper accommodation. However, later on we were able to start an evening school and preach to the refugees from Vietnam. In 1983, we started preaching in China and Taiwan. In 1984, we began the work in Singapore, and we sent a team to serve in India. In 1985, we started churches in Sacramental, USA. In 1986 we started in London, England, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Vancouver, Canada.


Established Light and Love Home to Develop Charity Work

In 1983, we established Light and Love Home and Light and Love Senior Home, being zealous for the good work and committed to serve the community.




Go into the World

Prior to 1997, many brothers and sisters emigrated to other countries, which in turn built many bases across the globe, quickening our footsteps in going into the world. We journeyed to Central America, South America and Africa. Brothers and sisters were willing to take up the commission. Although some were not able to speak the local languages, they migrated to the countries. Relocation of brothers and sisters set the foundation for this movement to be spread into the whole world.


Messages Consolidated and Reorganized

In Vancouver, Daniel shared many important messages, all in appropriate order: Abba’s affection, the Lord’s love as our Beloved, our spirits to be set free, faith, mind, etc. After some organization, these became “the Complete Plan and Way of Our Spiritual Pursuit, Ministry and Life”. It helps us to grasp onto the most essential elements in life so that we can improve in various aspects and accomplish God’s purpose at the same time.


Practiced “Sweet Daily Living”, the Path to Lasting Revival

All along, we had paid high regard to drawing near to God and walking with Him. However, in this year, we realized that we could improve in drawing near to Him: to enjoy Abba and the Lord from morning to night, to rejoice in God and live sweetly with Him.

“Sweet Daily Living” includes shouting for joy, singing and worshipping, praying, reading the Bible and meditating, etc. We integrated these practices in our daily schedule. With good design and arrangement, we were able to live out the truth, exercise faith and enjoy God’s love throughout the day. Thus our spirits stayed fresh and our mind protected, secured on high places.


Organized Teams to Revive Churches in Different Locations

For the very first time, brothers and sisters in Vancouver organized a team to visit Kathmandu, Nepal to assist local believers’ spirit and the expansion of charity work. After this trip, every year Vancouver church has organized teams to go into the world, teaching brothers and sisters to practice the truth, passing on the vision and reviving the churches.


Global Coworkers Gathering

In our global coworkers gathering in Vancouver, Daniel shared the message of “Rebuild the Tabernacle of David that Has Fallen”, which let us see clearly the essence of the church that God desires: our relationship with God and the way to spiritual pursuit.

The messages of “David’s Tabernacle” helped us to know how to come before God without fear, with singing and worship. Moreover, we understood that we must make arrangements and design for our spiritual pursuit. We deeply believed in the commission, and paid high regards to singing and worship daily. Our hearts were free to deeply experience God.


Go For It Plan

The Lord gave us wisdom to spread His purpose by “Go For It Plan”: a plan that integrated music, charity work and the gospel to bring people back to God.

The Lord has already given us the complete gospel. Moreover, our hymns are also rich in precious truth and our charity work is continually expanding. We believe that the Lord will use this plan greatly to bless all the Christians in the world so that we can all understand better the love of Abba and the Lord.


Messages on the Essence of Commission

It is so precious that the Lord has opened His heart to us through chapter 17 of the Gospel of John. It tells us the desire of Abba and the Lord, which is also the essence of the commission.

We clearly understood the Lord’s desire, we knew the kind of church He wanted, and we saw its glory in eternity. He made us know how to devote ourselves to Him, minister to Him, and live our daily life. Being of the same mind, we offered to Him what He had desired.

2010 - 2011

Passing on the Commission

The Old Testament of the Bible helps us know what kind of people God wants to take up His commission. Daniel’s messages on Abraham encouraged us. We learned that God treasured Abraham’s life and wanted him to understand clearly His purpose. Time and again, God appeared to him and bestowed on him the vision more and more clearly each time.

We had much assurance that God had commissioned us, and He would be responsible till the end. Although we encountered trials in the process of building the church, we were sure that we would accomplish His purpose.


The First African Gathering

We held our first African Gathering in South Africa. Participating cities/ countries included South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Madagascar, UK, Vancouver, USA, Australia and Hong Kong. With no bounds, brothers and sisters of different races and languages came together and lived out God’s family.


First Asia-Pacific Region English Coworkers Gathering

We invited brothers and sisters from the Asia-Pacific region to join this gathering and shared with them the Lord’s purpose and commission. The Lord greatly blessed this gathering and brought us into a new stage in influencing the whole world!