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Summer Mini Fun Fair

Lena (Promised Land) On September 11th, we had our first ever Funfair at RCC! Funfairs have long been a tradition where different groups prepare games, food, performances, and informational booths about our various programs and charity work happening around the world. Not only was this year’s Funfair special because it was the first we’ve had since the pandemic, but also because all the proceeds generated from it would be used to support the Zambia School Building Project. Among all booths, we were especially impressed with the special performance by the younger kids featuring their own skit with acting and voice

微笑使我放鬆 – Joshua Law (Golden )

最近暑期星期日信息講 「一同追求」;特別提到向主微笑。這段期間操練時,我發現當我微笑,就不容易皺眉,再加上抬頭,使我在親近主及聚會中敬拜,更能體會主及祂的挨近。整個人感受鬆了很多,向人也多了笑容。

Abundant Trip in Vietnam – Azra Kong (Alpha)

I give thanks that my whole family can join the Vietnam Mission trip this summer. The whole trip only lasted for 10 days, but it was already very abundant. The first few days in the camp were mainly for brothers and sisters who came from different countries to have training together.  The Vancouver team shared how coworkers pursue together, how we do the gospel work, how we consider before the Lord in ministry, etc. I truly give thanks that the Lord has given us a way to take up His commission. What we have done and experienced in the Lord

把自己的心對外關閉,只對主敞開 – Anna Chen (Morning Star)

今天在澆水的時候,看到兩朵被蟲咬了的花,就是圖一顯示的樣子,我覺得挺心疼的,因為花本來是很漂亮的,卻被蟲咬成這個樣子,如果花沒有被蟲咬的話,他將會是圖二的樣子。我雖然不是種花的人,但看著也覺得可惜。花是我姑姐種的,難怪她經常要用上很多時間在晚上去捉蟲子,她不想花朵被蟲子咬,她想花朵健健康康的成長。 這時候我想到了雅歌 4:12 「我妹子,我新婦,乃是關鎖的園,禁閉的井,封閉的泉源。」之所以要把園子鎖起來,是不想外面的人或者是動物來破壞園裡的花,要把井和泉源封閉,是不想井和泉水被污染。這讓我更深地體會到主對我們的珍愛和保護,如果我們不把自己的心對外關閉,不是只對主敞開的話,就很容易被外面世界的觀念和風氣所影響、所誘惑,愛主的心就不純潔了。世界的觀念很容易像蟲子那樣一步一步地侵蝕我們對主的信心和熱情。當主看到我們被外面的世界所拉扯的時候,就像我看到那被蟲子咬的花那樣,會很心疼。我不想主心疼,我想得著主想我得著的,所以我要lock my garden。

Shouting for Joy – Katy Lee Law (Mighty Team)

This summer, I’ve started to practice shouting for joy every day.  Every morning I joyfully give thanks for different things the Lord has done in my life or will do for me (His promises).  For example, I’ll shout for joy for how He has changed me. Or how He will continue to help me become more and more glorious. I find that there are so many reasons to shout for joy every day!  It has helped my faith a lot to repeat these truths every day. I can see that it goes beyond just positive thinking. It is based on

請假與兒子一同做義工的快樂 – Fiona Cheng (Treasure )

這個暑假,很想在光愛中心暑期日營當義工,認識學生的家長,並帶他們認識主,於是向公司請了四次假,逢星期五陪伴學生去旅行。而我的大兒子也做義工,我們幫助同一班小朋友,他們特別喜歡他,有一個家長説:「我兒子也是差不多年紀,他自己外出遊玩,你兒子做義工,真好。」之後這位家長也參加教會聚會。我和大兒子一起做義工,感覺很開心。 自己很久沒有照顧這樣年紀的小孩子,我感恩能與小朋友建立友情,其中有一位小朋友,經過幾天相處,他主動願意坐在我身旁,聽從指令。他也學習克服困難,從前他害怕弄濕衣服,他突破了,願意享受水上公園。見證他的成長,也是另一種的快樂。 學期完畢,學生畫了一張卡給我,使我很快樂。

My Royal Position in God’s Kingdom – John Leung (Mighty Team)

Watching Brother Fish’s message about God’s glory and the church on Friday reminded me that I’m a priest who’s close to God, and a pending king who will bless many. God has the best timing for this replayed message: the Queen of England has just passed, and a new king would be crowned. I find these events significant because I respect the royal family. However, knowing my position in God helps me to treasure myself more and to improve for Him, so I may fulfill my royal duties in God’s kingdom.

My First Break-Bread Meeting – Leon Lee (Mighty Team)

In the Global Phone Sing, we are sharing our first experience/ feeling joining break bread meeting. I was invited to join this meeting a few days after I had accepted the Lord. I was given a brief introduction to what the bread and cup meant. It was difficult for me to enjoy the whole meeting because I was a new believer and most of the brothers and sisters were Chinese speaking even though I had a brother translating to English for me. Not only that, I felt very cold because all the windows in that room were wide open (this

主對我們一家的祝福 – Jarvis Lui (Precious)

我們一家四口在2020年12月9號到達溫哥華,不經不覺已經差不多兩年。這兩年雖然經歷了不同的難處,例如:太太讀書,工作和小朋友初期適應,但我們好感恩,在兩年時間內,我們成功取得居留(PR),而且找到一份穩定工作。 每一個難處,主都為我们開路,同時間主派了好多弟兄姐妹在我們身邊支持和幫助,即使當中有辛酸,但我們並不覺得孤單。 我們一家都好喜歡在教會追求主, 主真的好愛我們。