Family Fellowship – Our Most Enjoyable Moments – Ida and Elvis’ Family

I always give thanks that my whole family can follow the Lord together. I think around 2-3 years ago, our family started to see the importance of family fellowship. Our family started to come together regularly to have cell group or use the meal time / gap time to share something about the Lord. It’s been so enjoyable every time we come together. Our family cell group is very warm and sweet. Sometimes we hold each other’s hands to pray or my younger daughter sits on my lap to worship. This is the moment I feel our hearts are bonding together. 

As our daughters are growing up (they are 9 and 11 years old now), it’s hard for them to express their thoughts or sometimes we may misunderstand what they want. But through family fellowship, it gives us the chance to share our spiritual experiences and our thoughts. I feel we can open our hearts easily and experience the Lord together, so that we can have the same goal and same mind. We give thanks to the Lord that our whole family can pursue together.  I think this is crucial for all Christian families.