Young & Strong

Children and Youth Group


The Alpha team is a group of precious elementary-school-aged children. Our team is comprised of different subgroups: Beta, Delta, Lambda, Omega, and the Green Olives. Together, we are learning to how to be close to God and build up God’s family. We are excited to represent the glorious next generation for the church.

Faithful Team

Faithful Team is a group of pre-teen and teenage boys and girls(12-18years) who love God and wish to be faithful to God and to the needs of this generation. Our energetic team includes Sunshine, Jasper, Passionate and Pals. We wish to bless the world!


“Phone Sing” Worship Team Testimonials (Children) #12 The Phone Sing Worship Time is when we gather and worship God on the phone, because we have to stay at home and we

Online Church Meeting Testimonials

I Enjoy the Convenience of Gathering Together I think that it is very convenient that we can gather together in this time. We can listen