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Our in-person meetings are now resumed. Join us to pursue God and live out God’s family together.


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Big Gathering 2023 Recap

On Sunday, December 31st 2023, we had our whole church gathering at Sunset Community Centre! It was filled with joy, music, and love. From our youngest children to our senior group, we all treasured celebrating God’s family.

Outreach & Missionary Trip

Outreach in Langley 2024

A new program at Harrison Pointe senior home in Langley started January 2024. Every Sunday morning, brothers and sisters of Vineyard Team would prepare heart-warming hymns to share and worship with the residents there. With Bible passages and touching testimonies, we desire to experience God’s presence together. We also hope to bring to them various activities such as handcrafts and performance to enrich the fellowship.

Calgary Missionary Trip 2024

This trip to Calgary was full of God’s guidance and blessings. Our team of 8 went to support the Church and expand His work. In our hearts we had a goal, but uncertain of the outcome. We prayed together and had time to review/share every day. We trusted in Him and let Him take the lead. We experienced His blessing in our visits to different brothers/sisters and friends. That Sunday, some brothers and sisters who had left the Church for many years came to join the meeting. In about a week’s time, we were also able to find a new meeting place! It is God’s grace.

Join Us

Embark on a transformative discovery journey. “The Man Who Has Done So Much.” Join us for an evening filled with soul-stirring drama, inspirational songs, and powerful testimonies that celebrate the remarkable impact of our Saviour.

Our Family

The Church of God in Vancouver is one family composed of several groups, and we love and care for each other.
Join our groups and be a part of the family!

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Video collection of our recent missionary trips and thanksgiving videos.

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2022 Zambia Missionary Trip

Thank God for blessing the progress of the church in Zambia. In the beginning we started from sponsoring a community school and now today we have a church that is after Gods heart here.
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2023 Vancouver Church Thanksgiving

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2022 Vietnam Missionary Trip

Thank God for this trip to Vietnam. There were brothers and sisters from different regions joining. Some from Singapore, Australia, The US and Canada.
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2022 South Africa Missionary Trip

Although there were many limitations during the pandemic give thanks to God that through the online meetings and daily phonesing worships brothers and sisters have grown.
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2022 Houston Missionary Trip

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2022 India Missionary Trip

During the pandemic we could only have online meetings. It’s so precious that this time we could organize a camp. Together brothers and sisters in India and have face to face fellowship with them.
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2023 Philippines Youth Camp

This camp has good organization with high expectations. We gathered the youths from different locations to pursue together and to train them to have a good lifestyle.
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2023 Zambia Youth Camp

This was our second visit to Zambia this year. Our objective was to follow-up on the previous camp and reaffirm the faith of the local brother and sisters.
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2023 Malaysia Leaders’ Camp

Thank God for having this camp in Malaysia. Coworkers came from north and south India, the Philippines, Singapore, Nepal, Hongkong, Malaysia, Vietnam, and North America to pursue together.

Biblical Truth Videos

Collection of Biblical Truth Videos suitable for children and young believers are in production!


活出信望愛的人生 – Susana Yang (Treasure)

最近聽了心靈珍寶,余弟兄提到像主信望愛人生的信息,令我想到我的信望愛人生。 信:寶貴我在任何環境都可以去信靠,依靠神。在我身體最差的情况,心靈不好的狀態下,我信神必將最好的給我。相信祂一直與我同在,我的信必最奪去祂的心。 望:我的人生也是最充滿盼望的,因為我有榮美生命的主與我一起,就算地上人生結束了,我將來仍然與天上的主一起,永遠一起,永遠的活著。 愛:  因為有信,有望,我也有愛,可以愛神,愛人。想起自己病了在醫院病房,不能做什麽,但想到主的愛,主的同在。我可以主動與同房的病人講到神,可以為那個病人禱告,願神祝福那個病人。 因看見神愛每一個人,我可以主動的去愛。我可以為每一個人禱告。當我去愛,相信神必加我力量。因為祂是愛的源頭,我愛的容量可以不斷的擴大。 寶貴我有從神而來,信望愛的人生。願我與弟兄姊妹都能活出像主信望愛的人生,而且是不斷地提升!