Live in Love with God;
Live out and Build His Household

Treasures for the Soul

Check this website regularly for updates as a new series may be uploaded every other week or more frequently! Stay tuned!

"Phone Sing" Worship Team

Take a break from your day and join together to experience God as a family! We are holding daily Zoom meetings to worship and live out God’s family together.

Our Family

The Church of God in Vancouver is one family composed of several groups, and we love and care for each other.

Mighty Team

Adults & Family Group

The Mighty Team is a group of working professionals and parents. We love to come together as one big family where no strangers exist. The love of God binds us together and motivates us to share this love to all!

金鑽 (Golden Diamond)

Senior (Chinese) Group


Promised Land

Campus & Young Adult Group

Promised Land is a group of energetic senior high teens, post-secondary students and young working adults. We desire to deeply experience God and be close to Him. As well, we want to offer our youth to love God by building the church and blessing the world!

珍寶 (Treasure)

Family (Chinese) Group


Young & Strong

Children and Youth Group

Our Children’s group consists of the Smarties and Alpha groups, ranging in age from 3 to 11. We have Sunday fellowship time, family time and fun time together.



感謝主,在疫情期間我們加開了綱上的家長會和聊天室, 透過見証和分享,更有效地支持和堅固作家長的弟兄姊…

Love Hopes all Things – Beth Banh 

Recently I’ve been inspired by the story behind this beautiful sunflower now growing in my garden. It started off with a simple science experiment for

Bible Reading Phone Sing – John Leung

I have been joining the Bible reading Phone-Sing every morning for the past two weeks. Through reading Ephesians together with brothers and sisters, I understand

Gains from Parents’ Meeting