To be diligent – Amy Yan

Most of my gains were very practical during this trip, and they are exactly what I needed. It is no longer about if I am willing to raise my hands in meetings or not, or if I am willing to go and exercise or not, but it is about how to plan my days, how to organize my things, how to tidy up. It is also about worship, but not only about if I have good thoughts or insights or not. This time it was about if I can really see them.

In the beginning, full of sadness inside, only half hearted to the Lord, I was really lack of motivation. But I kept doing those things which conditioned me. Having morning team day by day, corner time night after night, without noticing it, my heart changed. With the help of many brothers and sisters and many gathering settings, I started to have more motivation and strength. I could see more in worship, I involved myself more and I felt more focused and happier. The path to go from glory to glory does not depend on one or two very touching moments anymore. It depends on how in every small single thing I choose the Lord, I choose order, and I choose not to be lazy and not to find excuses.