The key is “daily” – Amy Deng

Recently due to the teachers’ strike in Vancouver, we made good use of the time to gather together to draw near to God every morning. Those who lived close by to each other would meet in a central point, and the rest of us “met” over the phone.

Each morning, we would be on the phone at the same time, pray certain parts of the “Enjoy Eternal Life” prayers by ourselves, sing and worship together, shout for joy together, and pray some parts of the prayers together too. These team times are always within half an hour, we would then hang up and read the bible by ourselves, and then share via email. Although we don’t spend long, but we experienced the closeness of God, and greater motivation to draw near to God every day. From doing this every day, it is our hope that the younger sisters will develop a daily routine to draw near to God by themselves even when school is back, and that they will also experience God stably every day! At the same time, it has been helping the coworkers to be more stable in our follow up, and drawing near to God time also. I have really enjoyed myself, and plan to continue to support these morning teams for the summer.