The Happiness of those who trust in God – Tiffany Kwong

I have been busy for the past week because of assignments after assignments. I have been staring at the computer screen a lot. Thankfully, I feel so happy for miracles that God gives to me. He helps me with my studies and motivates me to not give up. He spoke to me by revealing His words from the Bible in Psalm 34, “The Happiness of those who trust in God”. He confirmed my happiness by ensuring to have faith in Him. He is the One who motivates me and patiently shows His sweetness towards me. I am also thankful for all my wonderful friends from high school who often support me, and my family who always puts me first (mom, dad, and my sister Samantha). I’m especially thankful to God’s family for following up on me and reminding me to be close to God. Lord, You are always there for me, and till this very day, You are still there for me. I will not give up.