The Core of the Church: Cell Group

With one heart, the whole church has committed to walking on the path of building the church that is after His heart.  Every Wednesday since early September, we set aside a time during the prayer meeting for all groups to have cell group gatherings.  To date, this has been ongoing for a month. We all have gained the benefits of this practice, and we have experienced the power of cell groups that the Bible describes.

When Brother Sermon visited the Vancouver church recently, he especially shared with us that practicing cell groups is one of the essential elements of building the church.  The church that the Lord wants is the most loving and united, and the practice of cell groups truly lives out all the Biblical commandments of “one another.” When we are united in love as such, many will see that we are Jesus’ disciples who satisfy and glorify Him the most.

Brothers and sisters have different experiences and gains in the process of practicing cell groups: Both Leanne and Michelle enjoyed worshiping together and sharing in person during cell groups (which was far greater than doing the same by phone). They willingly opened themselves up to understand one another more not only spiritually, but in various aspects of their daily lives as they reminded and improved with each other to achieve great results.  

Thomas expressed that this was his first time to openly share on the Wednesday prayer meeting.  His motivation came from encouragements and goal-setting during cell groups, and it helped him to overcome his difficulties and quickly break through.  Jason also encouraged us to seriously consider and plan cell groups, so that new believers are cared for and fed. Because every one of us values coming together, setting goals with partners, and improving together, we see the quality and quantity of the church increasing.  If we want to build the church, we need to follow the Bible’s practice of cell groups.

教會的核心: 小組

全教會齊心踏上建造合主心意教會的道路,由九月份開始, 逢星期三, 全教會祈祷㑹都預留一個時段,讓各團組都有小組相聚時光。  至今已實行了一個月,  我們同得實行小組的益處,  也經歷實行聖經中小組的威力。

湘文弟兄探望溫哥華教會期間, 特別與我們分享在建造教會的事上, 實行小組是最關鍵的一環;  主所要的教會是最相愛, 連絡整齊。  而小組的實行, 就真正活出聖經中關乎彼此的命令, 當我們如此合一相愛, 眾人便認出我們是主的門徒, 最滿足和榮耀主。

弟兄姊妹在實行小組的過程中, 各有得著不同體會和學習:
Leanne和 Michelle 在小組中,都很享受一起敬拜, 有面談相交的時光,(遠勝單靠電話 聯系) ;彼此很願意打開自己, 增進互相了解。除了在屬靈方面, 更能夠在生活不同層面上, 彼此提醒及進步。一同得到美好的果效。

Thomas表達是第一次在星期三全教會祈祷㑹公開相交, 原動力是來自小組中的鼓勵及定立目標, 如此實際幫助他克服難處, 快速突破。Jason更鼓勵我們要用心思想及設計每個小組, 以至初信得着關顧及餵養, 大家重視走在一起, 有同伴一起定立目標, 一同進步; 如此, 教會在質量上一同提升, 要建造教會必須切實行出聖經中小組的模式。