The beauty of creation – Teny Li

I give thanks to the Lord that He has helped me to discover many beautiful and quite places on UBC campus (such as the Rose Garden and the beach) for me to draw near to Him during school days. I really treasure the peaceful moments when I marvel at His creations and enjoy His special presence with me. When I drew near to God at the beach on my birthday, He made the clouds to be in an interesting pattern, and a seal to pop up from the water. It was quite a lovely sight and I could feel His eagerness to show me all the wonderful things that He designed. Earlier this year, the Rose Garden had many roses with different colours. This prompted me to think that His love is truly a rainbow-like love: it is colourful and filled with attraction and beauty. I look forward to the days ahead as He continues to use the things I see to help me to enter deeper into His love.