Sunshine Update

2015 Dec 10th
During one of the message times, we asked the teenage sisters in the Sunshine group to describe a time when they were too lazy to draw near to God, and what they did to try and change. We also asked them in the past month, which message impressed them the most. These were their answers:

Mary Lo (Grade 10)
One time I was occupied with the internet and I was playing a virtual game. Because of this game, I forgot to draw near to Him and read the Bible, but someone online yelled “READ THE BIBLE”. When I saw this, I was amazed, and I stopped my game to read the Bible.

The message about the Song of Solomon impressed me a lot because it is one of the messages that I remember clearly. I haven’t applied what I learnt to my daily life yet, but I’m planning to pray to Him in the morning and at night.

Naomi Tong (Grade 9)
I remember when I got back from Hong Kong, I was too lazy and felt out of routine to pray, but I was motivated when I remembered that if I keep on missing it, I will not gain anything and I will be in greatest loss.

The message about the Song of Solomon impressed me a lot.

Sharon Huang (Grade 10)
I made a goal that after school, I would only watch TV until dinner time, and then I would use time to draw close to God.

The message about the love plan of the Trinity God, and how the Father sent the Lord really impressed me. I felt very close to Him when I knew more about Him, and I want to spend more time to know the Lord more and show my love more.

CJ Manuel (Grade 10)
I was on my couch watching TV and I didn’t have the motivation to get up. But then I remembered how in Song of Solomon when Shulamite had a dream of not letting Solomon in and he waited outside for a long time. I felt that must be how the Lord was feeling, so I became motivated to draw near to God.

The message about the Song of Solomon really impressed me, especially the part where the Shulamite didn’t open the door for Solomon and this represented us being too weak/lazy/busy for the Lord. He is waiting for us to open the door for Him so we can draw near to Him.

Alexis Yung (Grade 11)
In the past, after the exam week, I would just sit on my couch and watch TV for the whole afternoon becauseI didn’t want to spend my time to draw near to God. I have changed. I now put the Lord before me. To help myself even more, I add more body gestures into my draw near to God time.

The message about the Song of Solomon really impressed me. It’s so real. I can feel the Lord’s love of pursuing after me and desiring to see my face often. However, I always hide away from God. This message changed me to rely on Him more and be closer to Him.