Regular exercise – Blue Ngo

If you ask me, “What is your biggest improvement in these past few months?” I would have to say, “For the past two months, I was finally able to do exercise regularly, at least once a week.” I still remember when a sister shared the Sunday message in January, and asked “Tell us one weakness that has really bothered you, and that you really want to overcome.” I have set goals to do exercise in the past, but could not sustain it, especially since becoming a mom. But this time, the sister’s question really struck my mind – why don’t I put more effort to overcome the area that has bothered me a lot? So I am very determined to do it and set my goal. With sisters’ support and having set goals together, I was able to do it until now. Also, from the sharing of sisters, and how they also achieved their goals, they gave such encouragement for me to continue. I am glad we can continue to improve our lifestyle to be a glorious mom!