Put God before us when praying – Amy Deng

At the beginning of the month, I felt inspired by Violin’s sharing about the impact of prayer. We pray not only to ask the Lord for blessings, but praying is fellowship with God. It enables us to open our hearts toward God, and let Him shape us and give us vision to have His heart towards different matters. Therefore it is important to place Him before us when praying, and have time to wait on, rather than listing out a big list of prayer items one after another.

I have been practicing this more in my personal prayer, and also in our weekly Tuesday prayer teams with coworkers. I found praying a lot more nourishing and enjoyable, and I had greater passion to serve in ministry after praying for different brothers and sisters. Above all, I felt I understood God’s will more relating to the different prayer needs, and how I could help to cooperate with God.