My gains from break-bread meeting today – Katy Lee Law (Meadow)

When we worshiped Abba today (2024 Feb 17th), I was touched by our meditation on being loved by Abba as He loves the Lord. We’re not receiving second-rate love. Siblings often feel that the other sibling is loved more than themselves. Some siblings fight over an inheritance, or who gets help more from the grandparent. But we are all loved the same by Abba. In heaven, we will be part of the assembly of the firstborn. We’re all loved as the firstborn. No need to fight for Abba’s love or our inheritance. No need to compare. Only God can love and give in this way. He predestined us all to receive the same highest love, to enjoy literally His all!


I was also touched by Violin’s sharing about the perspective God gives us. She asked us if we all had something in the past that was a bitter or sad experience. Then she asked us if we were happy in the present, and if we were happy about our future in heaven. Then she asked again how we felt about our past. God helps us to look back on our “bitter” past with sweetness and thanksgiving. He truly makes all things—the good and the bad—work together for our good.


If we enjoy Him in the present, we can see the beauty and blessing in all things. If we are far from God, even the good can seem bad to us now. Even blessings will turn into our curses because of the mindset and viewpoint we chose. He completely changes our perspective and view of things. Then Abby prayed that she understood now why in heaven there’s sweetness only. We will see things very differently then, not just because of our resurrected bodies, but also because we’ll see the totality of God’s amazing plan for us. There will be no regret or sadness or bitterness. We will be able to give thanks for all.