My first thought about God’s existence – Alpha Group

Wai Ying Chau
When I was in my kindergarten/primary school years, I asked myself why I existed and questioned about my meaning of life. Especially when I was angry, I questioned why things happened in the way that they happened.

As I attended Catholic school, I wondered which god was real. My classmates believed in the Virgin Mary and Jesus. My parents believed in Buddah and worshipped ancestors.

Katy Lee Law
I never questioned that God existed, because I had been exposed to Catholicism from young. I didn’t really know much about it or want to know either. When I was 14, I became very aware of my sins and my need for forgiveness. I found a bible in my house and started to read it, trying to look for God. It was right at that time that I met brothers and sisters from church on the street and finally got to know who God was.