My family can still pursue the Lord – Kathrine

I want to thank the management team brothers and sisters for all of their effort, love and care for the Church. I am thankful that they have thought of the needs of the Church during this chaotic situation.

I am so blessed that despite what is happening around us right now (because of COVID-19), I am still able to pursue the Lord with brothers and sisters, not only here in Vancouver, but also overseas. The “phone sing worship” has and still is continually training me, and helping me to deeply stay focused to experience the Lord.

I am so grateful that I am not the only one benefiting from the “phone sing worship”, but my two children can too. I am happy to see that they can still continue to pursue the Lord with their peers. Also I am thankful that there is support from the “parent time” team. During those times, all parents gather and share about their families’ needs. We also have short trainings/reminders on how to bring up our children to be people that can really seek after Gods heart.