My Daily Goal – Reading Spiritual Books – John Leung

I have always love reading, but it is an unstable routine aside from reading library books because of time constraints. In the three years that I have this book before setting it as my daily goal, I would only read it whenever I felt like it, which seldom happened. I have always wanted to read more stably, but would never find the motivation until recently, when a brother and I partner up to remind each other about our respective spiritual goals. I have read thirty pages in three weeks—the same amount as in the previous three years.

These thirty pages include various reminders, which came from Brother Daniel Yu, the book’s author who practices them daily for over half a century. I need to rely on God, not myself, meaning letting Him guide me instead of demanding my wants to Him. I also need to meditate on and be influenced by the truth day and night, pray to Him throughout the day and every day, and take initiative to love Him one more time. All these are easy to accomplish but take motivation and commitment to sustain. They all lead to stronger relationship with God, which I need both to be more joyful in God and to overcome negative feelings.

I plan to finish this book before this year ends, and then I will start a new spiritual book to be further affected by the truth and to improve for God.