More songs, more free, deeper truth – Katy Law

Recently I’ve been practising singing more songs to the Lord in my personal time. I learned not to limit myself to a few songs or guard myself to finish the whole song, but just whatever line comes to me, I will sing it to express what is in my heart to the Lord. I found what I gained daily, even in a short time was in a broader scope of the truth. I enjoy going from peak to peak. I also feel more free and more true in my expression to Him.

I remember one time I was thinking about the Father’s plan to raise us up with the Lord, from that point, I thought about how the Father is already in the most glorious position and therefore is most able to raise us up to the Lords position. He does this not because He wants to give us responsibility but because He loves us and this is the most blessed position to reign with Him and the Lord. It is out of the true love of a Father. I was able to gain more than just the point I started with but entered and realized the truth more. There is truly infinite depth and riches in Him!