More blessed to give than to receive – Alison Chan

We are so happy that the package we sent to our church in Tarlac (Philippines) has arrived! See how happy Siu Ling was when she got our big box. It’s our love and support to the church in Tarlac. Thanks to Vancouver brothers and sisters’ donation and contribution. Your giving has become a blessing to others.

Hear the feedback from coworkers’ in Tarlac:
Siu Ling is so excited w the box that we need to wait for all the Chinese coworkers together to open the boxes. It is really funny that many things we do not expect would be in the box. It is the most fun time on that day.

The box arrived in the right time when we have team time in Nancy’s house. We sent the gifts to brothers and sisters right away but most of the gifts may take months and years to finish. Thanks for the whole year supply of washing powder and detergent.

Thanks for all your special thoughts for us, we really feel well loved and cared by all of you, may you send our warmest thanks to those sisters involved in this Big love Big box Big heart.