Missionary trip to Bay Area (April 21-24, 2017) – Ida Kong

I give thanks to the Lord that my whole family could join missionary trip to visit the ​churches​ in the Bay Area. This short trip​ gave me lots of inspiration on how to pursue and co-work with brothers and sisters. Most of the brothers and sisters there had believed the Lord for many years; their hearts toward the Lord are very precious. However, they ​were not very clear about the everlasting way and the finishing way.

I treasure more that I have a big team in Vancouver to pursue together consistently. I realized more that if I don’t devote myself to pursue, I will be easily trapped by many other things too, such as my family, my job and my difficulties. I have a burden to let the brothers and sisters know there is a way for them to deeply experience the Lord every​ ​day.

I am happy that I was invited to join a Skype meeting with Oakland sisters to support them through worship and prayer. The Lord has expanded my territories and given me a treasure that I can share with brothers and sisters all over the world.