Making my bed daily helped me overcome my emotions – Victoria Kan (Promised Land)

It has always been one of my goals to make my bed every day.   I went back to Sacramento over the holidays and my mom reminded me to make my bed.  With her reminders, I continued to do it daily, and I realized it helped me.  

I stopped making my bed when I started to have my emotional cycle back in Toronto. Back then, every time I didn’t feel well mentally, I would just go to my bed and cover my head with the blanket. I would empty all my thoughts and let my mind go blank.  As the time went by, my ‘unmade bed’ became a signal of escape. When I have accusations or feel not good enough, I would do the same.  Even though this pattern isn’t as frequent as before, I still do it from time to time when I have those thoughts. 

When I started to make my bed more regularly, it turned off the signal of escape. When I have negative thoughts, I don’t dwell in those thoughts. Instead, I was able to turn to the Lord immediately. I noticed my emotions also became stable. In the past few weeks, many things were coming at me but in my heart, I felt calm and joyful. I faced a flat tire without any tears. I faced my busy work without sighs.  This one change might seem so small, but it did reflect something in my heart.