Lord, thank you for bringing me to Vancouver! – Stanley Chui

I really want to give thanks to the Lord for bringing me to Vancouver.

I remember the times when I was in Calgary with my friends; we would gather together for house parties often. We would hang out, make fun of each other and relax together. Although we had known each other for many years, what I knew about them was quite shallow.

When I came to Vancouver, I often felt very lonely. I felt that I had lost a lot of friends and that there was no way that I could enjoy that type of friendship here. But I was wrong!

As I slowly opened up myself more, brothers and sisters did the same. As I began to share about my past experiences, I was surprised to see that they could benefit others. Having group gatherings, sharing different topics, having cell group, worship, all became my enjoyment and fun.

Through this experience the Lord is trying to tell me that He wants to have a deep relationship with me, but I can’t just do nothing, otherwise everything will just float around the surface (be quite shallow) I needed to change, to open up, to share, take initiative, and enjoy to be with God. I am much happier now, and have a new group of brothers and sisters that I can pursue, laugh and feel comfortable being around.

I feel that I am blessed to have, and to be in, this family !