Living out the finishing way together – Amy Deng

I enjoyed the camp in Gambier Island with the Sunshine group, Crystal group and Sapphire group sisters. It had been a long time since we spent leisure time away together. One of the group goals for Sunshine was to try to add simple daily practices to improve our spiritual enjoyment. We set a group challenge together to accomplish a few points in the finishing way, such as to give thanks before meals and pray after meals with a partner. I found when we did it together, more sisters were able to keep the anchor points. We also aimed to write more book marks to express our love to other sisters, and most of us were able to write a few, and felt happy to express. The highlight for me was our team worship on Monday, where we thought about the glory of eternity with the Lord. I felt my heart become more fervent to desire for the things above, and to strive for accomplishing the Lord’s will. I long for the great reunion in the clouds, the great ceremony before the stage of Christ, the romantic and extravagant Wedding Feast of the Lamb… We concluded that if we set some time to think and worship about eternity everyday, our lives on earth would be very meaningful and full of direction. This is also my personal goal for the days ahead.