Light and Love Home Open House – Summer 2014

1) An Adjustment Made a Big Difference for the Open House

The whole church supported and invited friends and families to the annual LLH Open House on July 27, 2014. It was a great success, as many commented that “it was the best Open House ever” and that “it was lots of fun.” Thank God for leading us to make some adjustments so that we could have such a good response. For instance, Violin suggested that we have no central performance but have the performances at the club booths. This led to more interaction with the people and let the event continue in a more dynamic way. Also, the Lord provided Heidi to us, who brought clown costumes from her recent HK experience as a clown. It made the atmosphere so joyful and like a fair. This year, one of the biggest adjustments was that we had some booths outdoor with canopies set up. It attracted attention and made the atmosphere so lively and joyful. We can truly make things better with guidance from God!




2) Working as a Family to Make the Charity Yard Sale Successful

Thank God for all the support of brothers and sisters and friends’ donation for the yard sale on July 27, 2014. Besides donating clothes, some sisters in the family group helped to sort and price the items. The high school brothers and sisters also helped set up and sell the items. Some sisters from Crystal Group also helped to make posters and post them up on the streets. It was a lot of work that involved many brothers and sisters from different groups, but we give thanks that our efforts together as a family could bless others and please God!



感謝神!弟兄姐妹和朋友們的捐贈令本年度慈善舊貨義賣十分成功。除了捐贈物品,一些家庭團的姐妹們幫助挑選貨品和定價。中學組的弟兄姊妹負責擺放和銷售物品。Crystal 組的姐妹也幫助海報製作並張貼在街道上。這次大型義賣涉及許多不同組的兄弟姐妹。感謝神!我們全家一起努力,就能祝福別人,取悅神!

3) Behind the News…

The Lord really showed His passion to glorify us in the community. Four different newspapers reported our butterfly release event on July 27, 2014. Through prayers and guidance from God, He led us to such an opportunity. Hong was able to help write a very attractive press release, and Amy helped with editing the write-up. I prayed a lot and contacted many news reporters three days before the event. On Sunday morning, I woke up early, at about 5 am and could not sleep. The Lord reminded me to call the new reporters, resend the write-ups to the newspapers, and pray that there would not be much happening in the city that day so that they could come and interview us. One newsroom expressed interest. After bread-breaking meeting, I checked my phone, and one newsroom notified me that they would come to interview us. To my surprise, three news reporters from four newspapers came to interview us! It was really God’s passion and blessing that we could have such exposure–not for our own glory, but to show the community the great work God is doing through us!

20140727 VancouverSun


主真的最熱切地要在社區的人面前榮耀我們。有四份報紙報導了我們這次 「三百蝴蝶放天飛」活動。透過禱告,神帶領我們得到這個機會。Hong 寫了一份非常有吸引力的新聞稿,而 Amy 則負責潤色 。我常為此事禱告,並在活動前三天 (七月二十四日)聯絡了很多新聞記者。週日早上,我上午5時左右醒來,之後無法入睡。主提醒我打電話給新聞記者,重發我們的稿和祈禱那一天不會有太多事件在市內發生,使他們可以採訪我們。後來有一個編輯部表示有興趣。在擘餅聚會後,我檢查手機,得知一個編輯部通知我他會來採訪。出乎我意料之外,有三個記者從四份報館來採訪我們!這實在是神的熱情和祝福,這樣的爆光率,不是為我們的榮耀,而是要社區知道神透過我們所做的大事!