I want to keep up the good schedule back home – Chloe Huang (Promised Land)

The week where I went to the Bay Area mission trip has been really a good conditioning for my spirit and schedule. I really enjoyed meeting the Bay Area brothers and sisters and pursuing with them everyday. Putting God as the centre of our schedule everyday helped me a lot to experience the Lord and Abba deeper in our worships and Bible reading. It taught me well how to live with God everyday. Doing the small things like taking leisure walks after every meal, joining 7am phone sing and taking breaks/gaps showed me how free and how easy it is to enjoy the presence of God. Even if I was super busy, I could take a 10-second break before the Lord and still have a very deep fellowship with Him. I want to keep up the schedule back home!!

Other than our amazing spiritual training, I really enjoyed meeting the brothers and sisters in the Bay Area. It was my first time meeting most of them, but realizing the truth that we’re in the same family helped me to open my heart and soon become very close to them. I was really happy to pursue with more brothers and sisters that were of my age and had a heart for God. I had a very fun time with all of them, and I hope to pursue with them again very soon!!!