I enjoy shouting for joy now! – Caley Ng (Promised Land)

I used to not shout for joy in my daily life as I felt it would be tiring to use energy to make joyful noises, and I personally prefer to sing slow and romantic hymns to God rather than upbeat and rejoicing hymns. Hence, my rejoicing content is limited to those in the break-bread meeting, mainly the Lord Jesus’s victory on the cross, we can become the children of God, and the accomplishment of God’s love dream. From messages, I knew that shouting for joy is good to uplift my spirit, but I didn’t have the strength to do it. I give thanks that I can have sisters to motivate me and do it together. So far, we have rejoiced together daily for 1.5 months and I am amazed that the content can be different every day – I realised that there are so many things we can rejoice about, such as “I am very good!”, “I am not alone (we are united with God)!”, “the Lord gives us peace!”, “life is easy and light!”, “ministry is easy!” and I felt all these rejoicing truths can cover all aspects of my life and I can smile and be joyful easily. Pushing my spirit to shout for joy and make joyful noises also made my spirit more active, and that helped me to overcome negative thoughts more quickly as well. Yay!!!