I enjoy my daily schedule – Penny Ng

Thank God we can make use of the current situation, where we need to stay home. It motivated me to put effort in arranging a good daily schedule, especially along with two young children (1 and 4 year old).
I give thanks that the church arranged daily ‘phone sing’ worship sessions, where I can enjoy God’s closeness first thing in the morning, which set the tone of my day. I also arranged more short singing breaks for myself with both children in the background so that I could be strengthened throughout the day.

For the children, I arrange a range of different things for them, such as reading, writing, learning Chinese and English, exercise, music, dancing, cooking, play time, etc
After 2 weeks, I even see improvements in my 4 year old son – he improved in reading words, writing and colouring. More surprisingly, he made up his own songs to sing to God more often. (I guess it’s because he finds the hymns I sing too difficult to learn, so it was easier to make up his own.) Though the lyrics are simple, but they express what he knows about God, and he knows what he is singing about.

Lastly, we have family leisure walk around the block after Eric gets off work (he is working from home). I enjoy this time so much, as not only can I finally get some fresh air outside, but I can also spend quality time to chat with my husband.
Thank God that through the continual emphasis of a good daily schedule from messages and trainings, I know how to help the family to grow in body and spirit with the current conditions, and it’s not a burden, but an enjoyment.