I am convinced that God is Real – Sapphire Group

Kerry Li
I used to have this burning feeling in my heart, and I did not have peace in my heart, since I was young. I could feel the dark power – ghosts. I could not explain what exactly they were, but I could feel them. When I shared my struggles with family members, they could not understand me and could not help me. One day, some Christmas volunteer friends approached me and helped me to know Christ. After believing in God, I finally experienced what is “peace” and “joy”. I no longer had the burning feeling in my heart, but peace. Now, I can walk around hospitals and graveyards freely without fear, which I could not do it before.

Wendy Kuang
I often felt lonely and helpless when I faced difficulties. After I believed in God, I always feel that my heart is satisfied and God is always with me. He gives me so much confidence, that I can do everything by depending on Him.

Acts 17:28 I feel God is true to me. Abba hears our prayers. He created this world for us to have happy lives. Abba knows what we are thinking and what is in our hearts. No matter I am happy or sad, everything is in His hands. He and I has the deepest connection.

When I was studying in High school, I was bad in Math. However, in order to get into university, we have to take a diploma exam in Alberta. I prayed to God that I was afraid of the exam. I prayed to the Lord and asked Him to give me strength. This exam was very important for me because I needed to pass Math in order to get into university. I studied hard for the exam. However, I still did not feel confident about myself. When there was about one or two weeks left for the exam, Calgary experienced serious flooding, and I was informed that students could stay home. They don’t have to take the diploma exam! Students’ grades were to be calculated based on their school grades, and my Math’s grade was enough to enter university. Now I am a student from University of Alberta. I will never forget how God helped me to get into this university!

May Leung
After I prayed to receive Jesus Christ as my Savior, there’s a kind of peace, which I couldn’t describe by words, in my heart. I knew that this was not a psychological effect, as I never expected to have such experience. It’s not just the undeniable evidence of prophecies from the Bible to prove that He’s the only true God. God came to my heart to prove that He is real and can be experienced.