His Will for Revival! — Will Chan (Faithful Team)

Recently I changed. On the first Sunday message of the year within the highschool group, the message was talking about God’s standards and God’s way being only the best and highest. However, man’s standard has compromises and follows the trends of the world being quite lowly. This message touched me to live in a way worthy of God. Why should I live following trends of the world or a lower standard? I should live in a way that pleases God. My time is precious. Right after, I deleted all the games on my phone and laptop. I found myself having more time and my mind being more clear. I was able to do a lot more exercise, finish off all my chores and be well-rested. This in turn helped me join phone sing and read the Bible a lot more. I felt free and was able to enjoy more in worship and fellowships. From just one small change, it blessed my life.

This change that blesses me so much isn’t just the act of deleting my games and reducing my “device time”, but a change in my heart, my attitude. I desire to live out a lifestyle closer to God.

Before, I loved God, and my prayers and ministry were sincere. But, I wasn’t fully enjoying my life… It is like the story of the prodigal son, the son who remained. I was there, I was near him, I worked, but I could not fully enjoy it. I thank God that at the right time He touched me and reminded me to seek what is the best and to give more time to enjoy Him. God is full of understanding and patience. I thank God for His encouragement and patience and that of brothers and sisters. I hope to continue to reform and live to Him. His way is the best.