He loves me from the beginning – Katy Lee Law

Matthew 18:14 Even so it is not the will of your Father who is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish.

I asked myself today…Why are these “little ones” so important to God that He talked so much about them in Matthew Chapter 18? What about me? I’m not a little one.

In Chapter 18, He tells the disciples that whoever receives the little ones receives Him, that whoever causes one to sin will have a horrible end, that the angels of these little ones are always before the Father, and that the Son of Man would leave 99 to save one who has gone astray.

I realized that it’s not that God is biased and loves children more than teenagers or adults because they’re cuter and cuddlier. It’s not just that they’re pure in heart and innocent and therefore more lovable. The Lord helped me realize that it’s that these little ones will eventually turn into teenagers and adults and seniors…After all, we were all once “little ones”. He cares for us from the beginning of our lives and all the way to the end. He doesn’t want any one person to be lost, so He starts to protect us, seek for us and tries to save us from the very beginning. Sometimes it takes decades and sometimes He may be rejected to the very end, but He’s willing, because He loves and treasures each one that much! God has such a beautiful heart! Knowing His unchanging and committed love to me from beginning to end, from eternity to eternity, gives me such security and peace. What a wonderful Father we have!