God needs me – Nita Law (Alpha)

I serve in the children ministry and I often tell the children that they are very important. However, deep in my heart I don’t see myself as an important person compared to others. In the beginning of this year, I see there is a revival in the church, and I feel the needs are great. I really wanted to be involved, but I also feel my capacity has reached the max. One time when I was taking a walk with the Lord, I strongly felt that the Lord needs me so much, the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. In order to continue the revival, He needs me, He needs every brother and sister. He needs our whole hearts. No one is less important to Him and to this commission.

Regarding the rehab program that the church has just started, I am not addicted to videogames or other things, but I think I need to have a rehab for my thinking patterns. I told the Lord if those rooted thoughts in my heart were wrong, I’m willing to lay aside. There are things I thought were very important to me, I’m also willing to lay aside to focus on His work. I don’t want to allow anything to hinder me to give myself to Him, I want this revival to be lasting.

After this talk with the Lord, my concept of doing ministry has changed. Before I would have feared that I couldn’t do certain things, but now if the Lord asks me to do it, I will just do it. I trust that He will provide enough grace for me.