Give our hearts to the Lord – Azra Kong (Alpha)

Since Jan 2, 2022, starting from a message that Violin shared about God’s standard with the youth and suggesting bros/ sis to cut down video games and unnecessary screen time, the Lord has been working fervently at many brothers/sisters’ hearts. I felt the Lord’s calling and his passion towards the whole church – he wants to save many from Satan’s hand. He couldn’t bear to see the church going under the control of the devices and following the world. He missed us and wants us to turn back.

Even though I don’t play video games, I do watch YouTube for knowledge, news and pleasure. Since there’s so much information I can get from the device, unwittingly I used extra time than I originally planned. After seeing so many bros/ sisters, children, seniors and even my younger daughter respond to the Lord’s calling. I also took the action to delete some apps that may hinder me. I want to cheer the Lord up.

Ultimately, this time we are not solely talking about cutting video games or screen time, it’s all about how we can fully give our whole hearts to the Lord.  No distraction, no idols…. I feel all our love actions truly melted the Lord’s heart.