Gaining Much in Pursuing Together

I enjoyed so much worshiping with sisters this morning! I felt that I’m so precious and special to the Lord. Before I knew Him, life was so empty. But with Him in my life, I feel so meaningful and joyful! We can fight battles for Him! Yay!

At lunch we shared our new anchor points. Got so much encouragement! Tips from one another too. Living with the Lord is so free and enjoyable!
– Alison Chan

I enjoyed the family time with some sisters at Alison’s place today. When we worshiped together, I treasure that I have a part in God’s commission and indeed I am united to Him and His will. Also, I enjoyed the fact that He will reward me at the Stage of Christ. The Lord cherishes what all brothers and sisters have done for Him. The love of the church to the Lord will be shown to all.
After worshiping the Lord, we prayed for the missionary trip to India and our meetings. Then we had lunch. During our lunch time, we shared our anchor point, I was encouraged. It’s so abundant today.
– Elise Choi

I enjoyed the worship, prayers and lunch sharing with sisters at Alison`s place very much. During the worship, I was deeply touched that the Lord cherishes every single moment we spent with Him and remembers every little things we did for him even though we may forget. Not only He shows his appreciation and delight at the stage of Christ by granting us rewards, but reveals more about our love stoies and personal love experiences with Him. So encouraged and motivated to strive more for the Lord. Nothing for the Lord is in vain. For anchor point, one sister shared to sing a song about the Holy spirit, that’s a good reminder to always wait for His work and guidance in everything we do or say, especially worship and prayers!
– Alice Syn

One anchor point that help me a lot is when I sing song when I’m taking care of my ward. I enjoy singing in His presence. Moreover, I discovered that whenever I sing, I can calm my ward( who is almost 2yrs old) when he is grumpy/fussy. When I sing, he will look at me, pay attention to me, and even smile to me.
It helps and encourages me to sing and enjoy the Lord more. Also, it becomes easy to take care of my ward for the whole day.
– Mayeth Narravo