Fruit of our prayers – Amy Deng

When I first joined the coworker team to support the high school group, I had a thought that this group is not easy to help in this generation. And indeed, a lot of the teenagers had been coming to church with their parents since a young age, and they were familiar with bible stories and only came regularly out of routine. I am thankful however that our group of coworkers are all devoted in supporting this group. Though we all had busy schedules, the Sunshine group coworkers decided to pray more consistently and persistently for this group, and set up weekly phone prayer teams. Through the prayer teams, we enjoyed unity through prayers, and of course, the fruits of our prayers! Soon after, the situation in the Sunshine group changed! We gained the friendship and trust of the younger ones and had more wisdom from God on how to do more personal shepherding work. Now our group has expanded, and we are continuing to outreach to many teenagers!