Forever Blessed – Katy Lee Law

2015 Dec 9th

During last Fasting Prayer Meeting, the whole church prayed for my baby and Sharon’s baby. It’s actually the first time I’ve witnessed that, and it was a very touching moment. As I watched both babies, I saw just how oblivious they were to what was happening around them. Kori was sleeping and Hanson was staring off into space. They had no idea how much love and care was flowing to them.

It’s like when I show affection to Kori. Every time I see him and hold him, I shower him with kisses (I just can’t help myself!). But his reaction almost every time is to scrunch up his face where I kissed him. He doesn’t quite know what a kiss means. Yet, it doesn’t stop me from continuing. My love to him does not depend on his response. But I’m sure I’ll be elated whenever he does start to respond!

It made me think of Abba’s love and affection towards us, His children. Long before we were born, and even afterwards, before we knew Him, He already desire to shower us with kisses and blessings. He didn’t care how oblivious we were to it all. He desired to give us His best as soon as He could. And that love and affection and those blessings continue to flow infinitely towards us for eternity, regardless of our response. His best reward for this is to see our response, for us to love Him back. He deserves it!