Every little bit counts – Alison Chan

On September 28, at our Sunday fellowship, we studied John 13, in which describes the Lord washing the disciples’ feet. Through this we were reminded to love one another, following the Lord’s example. Afterwards, we had a group sharing time to talk about how we have experienced brothers and sisters’ love. We then rediscovered that we were so blessed to have been loved by so many brothers and sisters through different stages in our lives. I was particularly touched and comforted when a sister shared about what I did to support her. Both of us were in tears when we recalled the sweet memory. Although it was a simple thing that I did, to me that’s how we build God’s household–every little bit counts. This reminds me to be generous in expressing my love to brothers and sisters, whether it’s just a brief greeting or a small bookmark–every little bit counts. I was also reminded that I REALLY love brothers and sisters. This helps me to overcome the enemy’s lies and accusations. At the end of the sharing, we were all very thankful to be in this family where we can truly love one another as the Bible commands us to.

“We love because God first loved us.” ( 1 John 4:19)