Missionary Team

I am 12 years old -Michelle Yu – AP Camp 2019

Hi, I’m Michelle, and this year I got the opportunity to visit the Philippines for the AP camp. During this camp, I gained and experience many things that I could not experience in Vancouver. One of the things I gained is how to be more independent. For example, washing my own clothes. Another thing is that I could take care of myself even when my parents were not there to help me or support me. I could learn to support myself and others. Another thing I gained is how to build relationships with brothers and sisters that I do not

Lay aside all things and be alone with God – Beth Banh – AP Camp 2019

Give thanks to God for this 2019 AP Camp. Though my physical body rejected the conditions in Tarlac, Philippines, but my spirit was uplifted and renewed so it made it all worthwhile. This camp gave me the time for me to be alone with God and to face my internal struggles with the help of brothers and sisters inadvertently training me. I learnt another way of looking at fellowship and what it means to turn to the Lord. A lot of the times, I easily jump to conclusions and place judgments, which hindered me to build close relationships. Having the

I am thankful for the experiences at the camp – Olivia Huang – AP Camp 2019

I enjoyed my time in the Philippines having children fellowship and meeting the local brothers and sisters.  Through the trainings from Violin, I learned how to talk to brothers and sisters whom I am not familiar with. Also, I learned how to focus on the Lord more in worship.  I find this AP Camp a lot of fun and I am thankful for this experience.

I got baptized in AP Camp – Mark Chan – AP Camp 2019

I learn that l can focus and not to distract others when they are praying. I also learn how to talk in front of a lot of people and l get encouraged to talk.  l am pleased that l can get baptized in the Philippines.  l also enjoy that we can have family time and do a lot of fun games. L am thankful that l can experience God in my first AP camp. I want to thank my family for bringing me to Church and l also want to thank Violin for teaching me how to focus.  l also

I am seven years old – Marco Yu – AP Camp 2019

My name is Marco. I loved to be at the Philippines camp. I loved the food and the programs, like classes, drawing and volleyball. I also learned that Jesus died on the cross for us. Something I improved was that I showered by myself. I want to come back again next time.

Life was hard but I felt closer to God – Nathaniel Tai – AP Camp 2019

We stayed in a high school at Tarlac. The life in the Philippines was hard. The washroom was so dirty and stinky. The bugs were everywhere. I had a lot of  mosquito bit and felt so itchy.  I felt God so deeply in worship times. I really felt the Lord closer to me like I never had before. In every meeting I gained a lot.  I want to go back to the Philippines next time.

Three things I enjoyed – Mathew Chan – AP Camp 2019

During school days, I feel really rushed but at the camp, I could have time in the morning to draw near to him. I also enjoyed meals times because I could share and learn of brothers and sisters from all around the world. Receiving reminders from brothers and sister also helped me realize things that I might not aware or remind me to help others and my own spirit.

I desire to be the one to change many lives – Elon Suen – AP Camp 2019

On this trip I had the opportunity to hear the experiences of many different brothers and sisters. One night, two from Nepal, Poonam and another boy shared how they grew up in the children’s home in Nepal. They shared with tears how grateful they were to their children’s home parents and that they could know God through them and be loved in God’s family. Their story renewed my vision.  I had a strong desire to be the one to change many lives, to help the many Poonams out there.  I thought about my living conditions in the Philippines—having to endure

A Family Trip Like No Other – Ida Kong – AP Camp 2019

I give thanks to the Lord that I could have the chance to join the Asia Pacific Camp with my whole family in the Philippines. Through this camp, I wanted my two daughters (aged 9 and 11), my husband and I to experience the Lord deeply and see the need of the world. The camp gave us many gains. I was greatly inspired by the camp arrangement. Because brothers and sisters were from different parts of the world, I initially thought it would be challenging to get to know so many of them in just one week. However, Violin arranged