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My Sustained Habit of Washing Dishes Promptly – John Leung (Mighty Team)

Since January, I have been washing dishes soon after meals. I used to let dishes soak in the sink while I spent time on my computer. Through brothers and sisters’ reminders, I realized that washing dishes promptly means being sanitary and helps me to overcome procrastination and be more responsible. The recent messages on Wednesdays about going from glory to glory encouraged me to continue on building this habit. Even though I’d have negative thoughts when I  struggle to sustain a habit or goal, I can improve little by little with diligence, commitment, and effort. Moreover, both God and brothers

星星陪我坐飛機 – Anna Chen (Morning Star)

神的創造真的很美很奇妙,原來在平流層上看到的星星有那麼多那麼亮,密密麻麻地佈滿整個天空。當雲層把地面城市的燈光遮住的時候,在天上看星星顯得特別亮。近視的我看到亮的星星已經有很多,還有很多是我看不清或者看不見的。原來在我以為漆黑一片的夜空,神為我預備了這麼多這麼美的星星。我之前看不見,不能怪神沒有預備啊!神早已在背後默默地預備著一切,只是我站的高度限制了我的視野。也因為溫哥華太冷,我晚上沒有站出去抬頭看星星。 在飛機上一直重複聆聽 ”Rising Star”(中文版《讓我發光亮》),真的好應景。我們不用怕又深又長的黑夜,夜越黑,星星越亮。我不需要做黑夜裡最閃亮的星,只需要與弟兄姐妹一起發著光,共同照耀和點綴著夜空就行。眾星閃耀的天空更美。

Sharing from Silicon Valley camp December 25-31, 2022 (Part 3)

James Leung In this pursuit camp, I learned we should have a good schedule instead of loose time. I want to have more time to shout for joy every day. I want to share my areas of improvement with brothers and sisters, so they can keep me accountable. Yanmi Leung I give thanks I could join this camp to pursue with brothers and sisters. I learned how to design a good schedule, have free but not loose time, take short breaks (reading, walk, etc) throughout the day, shout for joy, and read the Bible (ups and downs). I want to

Sharing from Silicon Valley camp December 25-31, 2022 (Part 2)

Kelvin Lau (Silicon Valley) During the camp, I learned to put myself forward in every meeting. From 7am global phone sing to dinner sharing, I always remind myself not to delay my success but voice out whenever I have something to share. Also, I cut down most of my loose time and I can feel that my schedule was so fruitful and joyful. I enjoyed the car ride with brothers and sisters a lot because we were shouting for joy and had ceaseless prayers. It was not burdensome but instead, I felt that my heart can be so settled and

Sharing from Silicon Valley camp December 25-31, 2022 (Part 1)

Leslie Wu (Morning Star) For me, every part of the camp arrangement was abundant and helpful. Shouting for joy in the car was a great way to set the tone for the day and uplift my spirit in the shortest time. Sharing after meal helped me to know everyone better and be inspired, especially about healthy eating and fasting. I especially enjoyed reading the Bible together. The Lord spoke very personally to me about how to be more steadfast with endurance, but at the same time my heart can be easy and light when I do so in small steps.

Reflecting on 2022 – John Leung (Mighty Team)

2022 was a rollercoaster year that resulted in many breakthroughs. I give thanks to brothers and sisters’ care and support to overcome negative thoughts while I was sick or injured.  Through their encouragement, I overcame my shyness to share my spiritual gains on Friday and Sunday meetings, and on the church blog.  From there, God gave me the confidence to share my testimony in numerous Gospel Chatrooms and at the in-person gospel meeting.  I also inspired many with my life story on overcoming struggles for the StepUp Program and English Up Up Up. I treasure that I could edify brothers

努力操練,榮耀突破 – Jordan Kwan (Golden)

這幾年間的各種操練,使我更清楚追求的路。操練微笑,是從心思方面著手,一方面停止負面不滿意的感受在心中發展。另外保持向前我的心思,能幫助自己更鬆容地面對不善意批評和態度,學習體恤,為對方辯護。心境變得光明,能從心底裡笑出來。少了痛苦失望的時間和消耗,慳了力量和時間。操練一天難處一天當,幫助自己更即時倚靠主,安心交託不需挨夜,安心睡覺。操練終日與主同行,多轉向主,更敏銳主帶領,不單靠頭腦思想,事奉更輕省。定目標聽信息也幫助我在生活中找到更多時間,並少了在無謂事上浪費時間。在工作上消耗大,不夠能量/糖份會感覺無力頭暈,透過決心聚會禁食幫助自己嘗試衝破以前覺得不可能做到的想法。加上聽歡暢飲食的信息,消防員弟兄的相交也成了我的鼓勵。精神改善了,使自己減少對糖份和咖啡因的依賴,上個月決心戒掉汽水,最近開始調節飲食。從9歲醫生說我有神經衰弱,在聚會中曾是「釣魚高手」,到現在可以整場聚會都有精神,少了分心,在聚會中更吸收。以往10點才能起床,到這兩星期都有穩定參加早上 7:00 的global phone sing. 也因享受到主的欣賞,從以往害羞,交談不敢直視對方,到現在在global phone sing 能開鏡頭用英文相交,這些都是在追求上的突破。

Promised Land Christmas Party – Lena Yang (Promised Land)

To celebrate the best season of the year, our group of energetic youth came together to have a Christmas Party! We played games, ate food, talked and shared with one another, and had a lot of newcomers! We even arranged for a fun gift exchange (in the photo). It was so much fun getting to know more people and enjoy the holidays together. I’m grateful that many helped out, whether in planning and setting up the party, or cleaning up! Welcome others to join our future events!

不單是一個慈善餐 – YY Yip (Treasure)

當我聽到我們可以訂購光愛中心的慈善餐,來籌款支持其海外慈惠服務,義工也可以到場分享慈惠的工作,我心中覺得這個構思很好,就馬上禱告和思想,看看能否在我公司舉辦一頓慈善餐,讓上司和同事有機會了解光愛中心和其所作的,並透過弟兄姊妹的見證,預備他們的心,使他們認識神。    在籌備的過程中,一邊與姊妹們一起禱告和商量,一邊等候主,也要踏出自己的舒適圈,突破膽怯的感覺,當面邀請上司,建議在公司裡用餐,聽義工們的分享。我上司歡然贊同,並交由我去安排這次慈善餐。我很感恩,看見主一步步帶領和預備。    以往不容易約到上司和同事出來參與慈惠的活動,但用餐當日,他們卻能全部出席,並留心聽義工們的分享,看短片,更發問去了解更多,與在場的義工們有不少交流, 氣氛甚好。    另外,上司也喜歡光愛中心的心意卡,把買禮物的錢捐助其慈惠服務,送這些心意卡代替禮物,讓收到心意卡的人也得鼓勵,施比受更為有福。    原來當我用行動去配合主,願意突破,心靈更去倚靠主、等候主,就更經歷主的作為,祝福身邊的人。我們更能走進人群中,去愛,去傳講神和神的心意。    讓我們不要因循,主真會指示和教導,更新我們,叫我們更有效地作祂的工,祝福更多人,祂帶著我們不斷向前!