Build up myself for the Lord – Vanessa Dang (Promised Land)

If I had not gone on the Bay Area trip, I would still be stuck in a vicious cycle of my bad habits no matter how hard I tried to change them. The structured schedule that was planned out for the trip really helped me to make a decision for myself. Before the trip, I always felt that I had little to no time for God. After the trip, I made the decision to commit the effort to continue living out a good structured schedule. Not only does this decision give me plenty of time to do what I need to do, but it also allows me to spend time with the Lord without worrying about the time I have, and it also allows me to really seek Him first.

I also learned how to focus more on Him while praying. Often times, our mind can wander away from God, get distracted and focus on the first thing our mind can “catch”. I learned from the team time worships to use gap time to reaffirm myself in the Lord, pray to the Lord line by line, and repeat lines if necessary. Not only do these practices keep my focus on God, but they also help to build up my spirit in Him and be even more grounded. I’m also able to genuinely give my undivided attention to Him.

These are just a couple of my gains from the trip; the Lord surely spoke to me. I hope to take His words and the teachings I gained from the trip to heart so that I can really build up myself for Him and serve Him well.