Benefits of listening to messages and practicing them – Anchor Points – Maggie Chen

I listened to bro Fish’s message on anchor points and Sermon’s on how to set anchor points last May and July 2014. The Lord used these messages to help me a lot in terms of how to have stable anchor points in my daily life so that I can live to the Lord throughout the day stably. They shared the messages in a very organized way that I was absolutely convinced that I needed to stabilize my anchor points in order to walk out the truths. Therefore, for more than half a year, I’ve been practicing and stabilizing anchor points with great determination. Having stable anchor points such as praying the precious prayers on the way to work, taking my short breaks for personal worship, realizing the Lord’s with me from time to time and meditating on a truth help me to have short worship even when I am at my desk or walking to somewhere. In turn, I have a better understanding on how to live with the Lord and live to Him.

I find that whether in smooth or tough times, it’s easier for me to exercise faith and realize that the Lord is with me. Thus, my mind is also more peaceful and calm. I talk to Him and ask for His advice. The Lord is full of responses and ideas. Sometimes when I asked the Lord for advice in my heart, He does not answer right away, but that’s when I know I should hold on to the issue at hand and deal with it at a later time when I have a better solution. As a result, I learnt how to wait on Him in my daily life instead of rushing to an answer. This helps me to have fellowship with the Lord more often through the day. I can experience more and more of the invisible Lord daily. I enjoy His special presence and live with Him and live to Him more easily now. It also encourages me to continue to refine and readjust my anchor points with better planning such as preparing which truths to meditate on and set them before me and to immerse in His presence from time to time.