Another glorious stage in my life! – Penny Ng

Recently I have given birth to a son. From before I conceived, to pregnancy, to labour and up to now, it has been a journey full of spiritual learnings and experiences with the Lord. The Lord has taught me to be submissive to Him, to learn to overcome my reactions of flesh during the hormonal change, to learn to endure with strength and joy from Him. Moreover, I’ve been learning to be more patient, more skillful in many aspects, more joyful, more thankful and be a more capable housewife and mom.
Looking back I have seen myself increase in capacity and strength through all these ‘trainings’ and challenges. And these experiences are my wishes when I ask for a child back then. The Lord has granted me beyond what I asked for!

I am so thankful every day that I can have this child to be my greatest blessing, my ‘trainer’ and my partner to remind me to rely on God even more! Though now I may seem to have less free time than before, I actually have acquired more anchor points throughout the day to pray, to worship and to listen to messages as I feed my son. And I am setting a goal every week to slowly incorporate phone prayers and ministry back to my life.

It’s definitely the beginning of another glorious stage in my life that I can be a greater blessing to even wider range of people.