A decision full of blessings! – Winnie Ng

At the beginning of August, I thought about quitting my job after only working in the company for six months because I saw the needs in the campus ministry and the lack of man power. With a clear plan and the support of older sisters, I finalized my decision and handed in my resignation letter. It was a hard decision as it was my first job after graduation, co-workers were great (I would miss them very much), and there is a risk of financial instability. However, I felt peace in my heart after I prayed to God that He will greatly use me.

I truly give thanks to God that He has blessed me in all ways. Before leaving the company, I was able to bring two students to believe in God in our church! Not only that, I was able to join all the campus’ club days and gatherings to outreach to more people in early September. The harvest shall be plentiful in these coming months, and for sure, God will continuously use me and brothers and sisters to bless many more people!