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Family Day 2022 Recap

On Sunday, August 21st 2022, we had our whole church Family Day at Sunset Community Centre! It was filled with joy, music, and love. From our youngest children to our senior group, we all treasured celebrating God’s family.

Biblical Truth Videos

Collection of Biblical Truth Videos suitable for children and young believers are in production!

Our Family

The Church of God in Vancouver is one family composed of several groups, and we love and care for each other.
Join our groups and be a part of the family!

Adults & Family Group

Senior (Chinese) Group

Campus & Young Adult Group

Family (Chinese) Group

Children and Youth Group

Mighty Team

Adults & Family Group

The Mighty Team is a group of working professionals and parents. We love to come together as one big family where no strangers exist. The love of God binds us together and motivates us to share this love to all!

金鑽 (Golden Diamond)

Senior (Chinese) Group


Promised Land

Campus & Young Adult Group

Promised Land is a group of energetic senior high teens, post-secondary students and young working adults. We desire to deeply experience God and be close to Him. As well, we want to offer our youth to love God by building the church and blessing the world!

珍寶 (Treasure)

Family (Chinese) Group


Young & Strong

Children and Youth Group

Our Children’s group consists of the Smarties and Alpha groups, ranging in age from 3 to 11. We have Sunday fellowship time, family time and fun time together.


Gain From Lunchtime Zoom Worship – John Leung

I treasure how God’s continuous molding and guidance, along with brothers and sisters’ support, have helped me to be more glorious during a recent lunchtime Zoom worship.  Through singing “You in My Life” and “What I have Gained Is So Beautiful,” I thanked God for being in my life and that He uses me to bless others.  This worship also reminded me of the recent Sunday messages on overcoming temptations, especially regarding “iron sharpening iron.” When brothers and sisters reminded me to correct wrong concepts or to improve in certain areas, I would feel offended and talk back at them

I Got Baptized! – Nathan Li (Alpha)

I Got Baptized! Recently, I have been going outside to draw near to God. I feel I am closer to God and I just want to stay before God longer. Before, when I had personal time with God, I was just reading the prayers. But now, when I feel the Lord’s love, it’s natural for me to talk and pray to Him. I am ready to follow God for my entire life because He is really my best friend. One day, when my dad asked me to go outside, I didn’t want to because I was lazy. But I still

心思影響我們的喜樂 – Kathy Wu (Precious)

心思影響我們的喜樂 Kathy Wu (Precious)   近期信息說到每天過喜樂生活,如何保守心思,患難中感恩,思想影響喜樂,近日發生的事情,使我知道自己進步了,聽完的信息能活用在生活中。 上星期前往聚會路上,忘記帶生日蛋糕,因時間緊迫,沒有辦法回去再取,即時要找弟兄姊妹幫忙。這刻提自己,不要緊張,不要慌亂,不要投訴。若過往我會想到,不答應姊妹做蛋糕,事情就不會發生,也不需要勞煩其他人,體會一個轉念,保守心思,不埋怨,不回頭望,心思向前的重要性。 同一個早上,在聚會的時候,收到兒子leader發來的訊息,說他花粉症狀好厲害,眼水不斷流,有沒有藥可以給他。他第一年患上花粉症,這情況之前沒有遇過,當時見到訊息心裏依然平靜,只回覆”沒有藥給他” 就繼續聚會,不久又收到leader發來的信息,來來回回好幾次,但不影響我聚會的享受,每次回覆後立即轉向主和聆聽弟兄姊妹的敬拜內容,一次又一次掌控心思,運用信心回到主面前,不會因突發而來的事情影響自己情緒和喜樂。

Encouragements from Elders and Deacons’ Sharing – John Leung (Mighty Team)

The elders and deacons’ sharing during the meeting when Paul was ordained as an elder encouraged me.  Like those who shared, I also have limitations and feel unworthy to do God’s ministry.  I often think that others are more significant and capable than I am because they can do more, while I’d only be a burden and disappointment. Through the sharings, I learned that the elders and deacons aren’t superhumans with exceptional capabilities.  However, they didn’t let their weaknesses or limitations define them.  They became who they are now because they love God and rely on Him to overcome limitations

家人信主是我多年的心願 – Pink Yu (Treasure )

今年是我信主37年。感謝主,藉着回香港陪伴二家姐,我再次向她傳福音。雖然多次被拒絕,也不打斷我要傳福音給她的決心。幾個月前,她證實患癌三期,要接受一連串化療。我知道她治療的過程非常艱辛和漫長。我很想她認識主,從此有主成為她的倚靠。回來後,我一次兩次跟她講到主,她似聽非聽地敷衍著。我也不灰心,有個晚上,早早回家,又再次跟她傾談,傾談之間,我又述說主對我的一切恩典和幫助。今次跟以往不同,她留心聆聽。最後我講到福音,並且叫她向主認罪悔改禱告。她表示願意信,並且一句一句地禱告。我感動流淚,她禱告完了也流淚。她更說原來信主這麼簡單,為何不早點信主。 我真的很感動,亦感謝主聽了我多年的禱告。姐姐信主只是短短10天,她已經每天向主禱告、感恩,她又時常聽詩歌,為家人禱告。這期間,她因白血球過低發燒入了醫院。她禱告後再次經歷主的恩典,這十天她不斷經歷神蹟。她也在醫院裏向媽媽作見證,認自己已經信主,並邀請媽媽一起禱告。 感謝主改變了她,從此她不再孤單。有主成為她人生的後盾。

Shouting for Joy! – Heman Ho (Faithful Team)

I have noticed that my household has been happier in recent days, and I believe this is a result of my mother’s decision to shout for joy regularly. I was surprised when she first did so, but since then, I have realized that it is very normal for us to express our joy. Additionally, I noticed that shouting for joy brings a surplus of benefits to yourself and the people around you. I wish to continue this practice and I’d like to encourage everyone to shout for joy as well. Perhaps doing so will make our families more lively and