Youth for Christ Phone Sing – Tarlac (Philippines) Brothers and Sisters’ Gain

Cindy (Tarlac)

These two weeks were very special and meaningful. Each day, I feel that I desire the Lord more and more. Each line of the practice is very precious. I also added it on my sweet kneel, personal time, joining meetings and break time. Moreover, I shared it last week in my cell group and made goals about that. I was also touched with the testimonies of brothers and sisters. I could relate them to myself. In the past, I didn’t deeply experience God, and I did things as an obligation. I had the feeling of not being good enough. I pursued my own dreams and went after what I wanted for myself. I give thanks that the Lord is faithful. He loves me. He desires me. He needs me. He wants my love response. I want to love Him wholeheartedly. I want to commit myself to the Lord and to the church.

Maureen (1)

I was very touched and reminded by the testimonies of the brothers and sisters, especially the one of Brother Enoch. The Lord told him, “You are comfortable in your life and you forget me.” At that time, the Lord spoke to me. Many times I forgot the Lord and I wanted to prioritize other things in this world. I thought to myself that it was okay for me if I did not attend all the team times. I also denied the Lord for so many times. However,  the Lord never forgets me. The Lord’s love to me has never changed. It is always the same. I have a strong desire for the Lord now. Today I decide that I want to love the Lord more than my life. I want to spend my time for the Lord. I want to surrender my life to the Lord because I love the Lord all my life. I want to love the Lord even more.

By Action of Faith! 

The Lord Loves me the Most.

Maureen (2)

I was encouraged and motivated by all the brothers and sisters’ testimonies, especially by sister Meiwa. The Lord does not see us according to our performance. The Lord sees our pure heart to Him. I enjoy a lot when we say to the Lord, “I am the one whom the Lord loves the Most!”  I was very touched when I said to the Lord that I was very important to Him and the Lord loved me the most . I realized  how I can deeply experience the love of the Lord in my life and I treasure I have the Lord in my life. I am very happy to see brothers and sisters from different countries. This meeting is really helpful to me. It helped me to set the truth before me and to put my focus on the Lord.


I enjoyed the sharings of brothers and sisters because I felt encouraged by them. I can see more how God  performed  great miracles in their lives. I can also know them more.


It is very helpful and enjoyable. The sharings of different brothers and sisters were related to my experience. I may have ups and downs but the Lord never gives up on me. He continues to call me. He has let me know the most important is to love Him and enjoy Him. The worship was also very refreshing. The prayers of brothers and sisters, especially of the youth, were encouraging. When they decided to love the Lord, it encouraged me a lot. The everyday assignment helps me to continue to turn my focus to the Lord. Every day I am attracted to come close to Him. With this, it helps me not to have “loose time”.


really enjoyed all the assignments from Violin because I found out that all my gap time became very meaningful. I can use those times to do and enjoy the practice more. 

I really enjoy it because I can be closer to God and I was attracted by His love.


I was always encouraged when they showed the videos of brothers and sisters’ testimonies. When Pauline from Singapore shared, I felt the same. Moreover, through doing the practices throughout the day, I can say that I am so close to the Lord and His voice is so much clear to me. Before, my feelings were very strong. I knew so many truths but it was so hard for me to work it out.

Kim (1)

I really enjoyed all the Youth for Christ meetings. Just this week, I felt that I really lived for Him and I was drawn by Him more. All the assignments that Violin gave us are very helpful. In these 2 days, we didn’t have meetings, but  I practiced a lot, and I felt much closer to Him.

What I’m doing is that in the morning I will say, “I’m the one whom You love the most,” and throughout the day, I will try to say other short sentences many times. I feel sweet, strengthened and motivated every time I’m doing it.

Kim (2)

For today’s meeting I felt I am very important to the Lord. He needs me so much for His will.  Especially when Violin said that He needs the students too, I felt motivated to continue to shepherd those young ones. I want to help them to have a desire to love Him and do more for the Lord.

“The Lord and me, the church, the global family, and the world.” This also gives me a clearer vision of my ways ahead. I know more about  what God wants. I want to know His will and respond to it more and more every day.


The Youth for Christ gathering is really helpful to me. The sharings of brothers and sisters are so abundant: they taught me and somehow guided my ways in the coming days. Their experiences are such a good example to many. 

Aside from the meeting, I really like the assignments from Violin every day. Not only did it make me see God more often but also made me closer and closer to God each day. 

The one that I really enjoy doing so much was looking up and asking God, “Me?” and waiting for His response. Doing that was so fun and at the same time so sweet. Every time I asked the Lord, “Me?” I would always think of how I see myself or what I think of myself and get His response, I would understand why. I could see more how the Lord sees me and why He chose me. 

It’s a little funny how sometimes, whenever I did something that’s not so good enough, I would ask the Lord, “Are you sure it’s me?” While waiting for His response I would use that time to calm myself and focus on Him. Getting His response confirms me from time to time, again and again. 

It’s also a little funny how I would tell the Lord, “Lord, I know it’s really me” whenever I did something good or meaningful. Doing that practice, now I realize even more that His love to me and the way He sees me will never change. He loves me, accepts me, and chooses me again and again no matter what condition I am in or no matter what I think of myself. I really treasure Him even more each day through this Youth for Christ Gathering.

Joshmer (1)

From joining the Youth for Christ gathering to now, I really enjoy the assignments we have been doing. The first day assignment continues to impress me a lot. When I remind myself, “I’m the Lord’s love,” it gives me strength to come before Him, be drawn to Him, and I want to know Him more. Moreover, whenever I do it, it helps me to enter into His love and admiration.

I want to practice it more often and be closer and closer to Him every day.

Joshmer (2)

I like what sister Violin reminded us before we started the meeting. In those 20 mins, I should give my full attention and focus to the Lord, not allow any distractions in my mind. I also enjoyed the short sentences, ” I am the Lord’s love. I am whom the Lord loves the most.”