Youth for Christ Phone Sing – Brazil Brothers and Sisters’ Gain

From Dec 21-31, 2020, there was a Youth for Christ phone sing session, where youths from over the world gathered to worship and learned how to be close to God. The Lord’s presence and love touched many. From elementary to university students, over 200 youths experienced the Lord’s closeness. Let’s hear their personal experience.

Brothers and sisters from Brazil :

Sze Mei

The Youth for Christ meeting was very inspiring. It encouraged me to love God more. Through the sharings of brothers and sisters, I was touched by how God appeared to each one of them and transformed them. I recalled how God also appeared to me so that I was willing to give my youth years and my heart to Him. I’m absolutely sure that it was the right choice, and I won’t regret to continue to give my whole life to Him. I feel that I should really have no reservations. I’m 100% His.

The practices helped me to enjoy and treasure more God’s love and church. I should pursue Him continually and diligently. I want my heart to be always fervent for God.

I was happy to see so many young brothers and sisters pursuing and worshiping together. May God greatly revive all!


Even though I only participated in two meetings, I really enjoyed the experience. It really helped me to understand that Jesus is all that I need and that He is always thinking of me. It also helped me to ask Him what He planned for me and hence helped me to trust Him more. I loved all the videos of the testimonies because it showed how Jesus gives us everything we need and He really cares about us. The videos also made clear how our lives get so much better when we live with the Lord!


I loved these meetings. I loved watching the videos of the brothers and sisters in our church sharing their experiences. They touched me a lot. Sometimes I couldn’t understand English very much, but in the prayers of the brothers and sisters, I was able to enjoy it very much, and even I was impressed! When I said YES and used those prayers to be mine, it seemed that I was very close to the brothers and sisters. I also could feel the presence of God when we prayed together! And I loved so much to see the faces of our brothers and sisters from all over the world, seeing how from the youngest to the oldest (one even was in the subway) striving to seek God. I felt that I am in the best family. Even having thousands of brothers and sisters with different cultures, languages, lifestyles, I felt that we were so close to one another. The Lord’s LOVE unites all of us. I would love it if we could have more meetings like these!! I really love, LOVE it!!


I enjoyed a lot in all the meetings! It was great to listen to the brothers and sisters’ sharings. They helped me to understand more about God’s desire toward me and how to cooperate with Him in the commission. I liked listening to brothers and sisters’ prayers and to see so many people that love God so much! Violin’s assignment helped me a lot. It made me realize how much I am loved by God and how much I want Him as well!


After today’s meeting, I was touched that the Lord has done everything for me, and I feel I did so little to Him. From now on, I decided to have more time for Him, and lay down everything for Him.


These meetings were very very encouraging for me! The testimonies assured me that giving our youth to the Lord is the best decision we can make, and it’s really worth it. I want to do even more for Him, to be willing to lay aside all for Him. The examples of those who changed their careers or even moved to other countries because of His will encouraged me a lot. They did it not out of obligation, but because of His love. His love is the best, and nothing can be compared to it. I was sooo happy to see many brothers and sisters love Him so much! Also, the worship was very touching. I considered others’ prayers as my prayers and I could enjoy very much.

Moreover, the assignments helped me think more about Him throughout the day. Even when I had a hard time falling asleep at night, I kept repeating the truths and it made me so joyous!!

I really enjoyed these meetings. They encouraged me to seek even more for Him and care more and more for His dream!


I really enjoyed the meetings of “Youth For Christ”. It helped me to improve spiritually!! I love to know that we have such a big global family and that we have so many many brothers and sisters that love God so much. It really encourages me to love Him more and more!! The sharings of brothers and sisters’ experiences touched me a lot, because the Lord never gives up on us. I hope that we can have more meetings soon.


I really appreciated that so many brothers and sisters chose to dedicate their lives to God, and I realized that He is always calling us and wants us to follow Him! This encouraged me to live for God, to put Him first and to work harder for Him! I want to live with Him always!