Young leaders rising up – Mika, Haniel, Nathan (Green Olive/Alpha)

Since November 2023, the Green Olive (Grade 4 group) rising stars have been paired up with a younger brother/sister in grade 1 to have weekly online cell groups. Let’s read what they have to say about the experience:



When I first met my grade 1 partner, I felt nervous because it’s my first time guiding and leading the partner time. After a few weeks, I began to feel less nervous. We prayed and sang hymns together. This helps me to be less nervous. If I don’t know what to say, I ask the Lord for help. Every Friday, we always have reviews of what we enjoy doing and what we need to improve on. It really helps me to get some ideas of what to do.



When I first started partner time with grade 1, I felt nervous and didn’t know what to do with them because it was my first time. So, I relied on the Lord Jesus Christ to give me strength. I decided to do this because I wanted to do it for God and to bless others to have a better relationship with God, so they can also bless others. I learned that grade 1 can be slow in responding and I need more patience. I hope my partner and I can gradually sing to God more songs which are deeper in content.



When I was first called to lead a partner time, I felt that I couldn’t lead younger brothers and sisters. But I also had another feeling like “Yay! I can lead someone!” So, I decided to do it because I knew that I was doing it for God. And my “Yay! I can lead someone!” feeling was stronger. My partner time is going very well. I’ve learnt that I have to be patient and do things simple, so they can understand. I hope that we can go into deeper things soon and really love God more. I am very happy to have this partner time with my partner. I feel it is helping both of us to improve.