Worship our True Beloved – Stephanie Lee

During one prayer meeting’s worship, brothers and sisters deeply enjoyed the love of the true Beloved and praised the Lord with one accord. It made me think about how we will worship the Lord in eternity. Also I tried to realize the enjoyment of the Lord. I thought that the Lord must be very touched and treasure us very much as we could understand His heart as our true Beloved. I realized that we are the most blessed one in the world. So I wrote this poem after the meeting:

Lord, You’re incomparable, You deserve the virgins’ love!
Your love desire draws us away and causes us to love You!
Lord, we are the most blessed one since we can enjoy Your heart of a True Beloved and worship You with the hearts of Your dearest darlings!
The Holy Spirit is preparing the bride to welcome You!

主,祢超乎萬人之上,祢配眾童女來愛祢 !
是祢對我們的戀慕,吸引了我們來戀慕祢 !
主,我們這羣真是最蒙福的人,能認識祢良人的心,且一同有佳偶的心來敬拜祢 !
圣灵实在預備新婦來迎見祢 !