Worry-free because of His promises – Katy Law

Aug 9, 2015
Recently in my precious prayers I have tried to think more of the Lord’s promises and to focus on His lovingkindness, greatness and glory. When I do this, I feel my prayers are more direct towards God and I can see more of His heart and will. By this, I can truly feel free and uplifted by what I pray, knowing that His promises are sure and true. I can focus on Him and be attracted to Him more than the items that I am praying for.

For example, in the past month, I’ve prayed for summer day camp. I hear many needs and sometimes feel that my capacity is too small to handle them. However when I pray and see God’s heart towards it and see how it is His work, that He will be responsible to the end, I can rest assured that He will take care. I can just put in my best effort and have faith in Him to make all things work together for good. I can also rejoice, seeing how He is so great and happy to bless us! My trust in Him increased and I can experience what it means to be worry-free!